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Central Panay Mountain Range as ‘Critical Habitat’

Aklan's Sangguniang Panlalawigan, proposed the declaration of the Central PanayMountain Ranges as a “critical habitat.”

The legislation was spearheaded by Aklan Board Member Atty. Plaridel Morania, who is the chair of the SP Committee on Environment.
SP's of Iloilo and Antique also endorseda nd carried out advocacy for the legislation.

The Central Panay Mountain Range, is 120,770.60 hectares of forest, and is home to endemic animal species such as the Dulungan Hornbill, Visayan Spotted Deer, Mabitan, Negros Bleeding-heart Pigeon, and the Panay Cloud Runner or Bushy-tailed Cloud Rat and others.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Philconserve and the German-funded Philippine Endangered Species and Conservation Project are also endorsing the campaign.

The DENR Central Office tasked the DENR-6 last 2008 to designate Central Panay Mountain Range as a “critical habitat” under the Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act.

With this mandate, DENR-6 was advised collaboration with PESCP which will contribute knowledge, skills and financial means to help preserve and protect the Central Panay Mountain Range.

Activities at the Central Panay Mountain Range, when declared as a Panay Mountain Natural Park, will be regulated and the both its flora and fauna species will be protected.


Lee said...

There will be no right time than now to act and do something before it's too late. Hundreds of natural species disappearing each day due to mindless misuse of natural resources (including hunters). These species are innocent bystanders who becomes collateral as progress marches onward. They try to compete among humans for habitation of territories they once rule. As we embrace the inevitable progress, may we be mindful of those creatures who once rule the place. I think, this is what it is all about.
I used to remember when we where kids, we caught a white squirrel in our area...YES, Mission Road Extension! You probably haven't heard about this before, but it's true! They're nowhere to be found now...SAD>

vince said...

Wow, I wish I could have see one too. I really wish that as our cities expand, they must also leave space for others. This reminds me of the toon movie over the hedge.

Lee said...

Creating a space or natural habitat for them WITHIN the city or metropolis area is a MUST. Just like Cenral Park in NY or here in Canada. They ALWAYS appropriate certain square footage for every house built. So, every new survey (housing project), a big chunk of land left untouched, left alone for the wild creatures to commune in. Literally, forest areas with thick trees and, of course wild animals living practically around us! Name it, we get deers, moose, rabbits, squirrels, chipmuncks, opposum, skunks, ground hogs, racoons, wild cats and at times black bears and cougars! YIKES, it's true, we have to share the space with them. It's the law, we can't kill them either no matter how they pester us and destroy our properties... they are tightly protected by the government. I got a stern warning before from the authorities chasing racoons for destroying my roof! Would you believe that? They're well protected than us! LOL!!!

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